Welcome in my studio! Everything starts here – every project, small and big one. I work at home and thanks to this I can create freely. I gonna show you what my work looks like behind the scenes so you can see all stages – workflows. Welcome!

Logo design

You need a logo? Great! This is the first step to make brand identification of your business or event. If you are curious how the whole process of brand identity design looks like, take a look at the infographic below.

Now you see how many elements are involved into this process. And this, what you see, is actually just a tip of the iceberg, because you are looking at the final result. Designing includes client’s interview about his/her preferences, characteristics of the company, it’s history, specifics of the industry, creation of the moodboard made of inspirations found in the Internet and more, chosing color pallete, advertising materials, creating many sketches and mockups using the best ones.

Behind a single ‘sign’ many components are hidden.

Games/books illustrations

Every project starts with an idea. The idea usually comes from the client but sometimes he provides just a general brief and the rest is on my side. It doesn’t matter how precise is your concept, the whole creation process can be divided to several stages.

At each stage the client is informed about changes and has a full right to insight. Changes made during the commission are free of charge. After the design is finished and approved by the client changes are payable and the fee depends on how big the changes gonna be.
Each project is different and that is why one timeframe cannot be established for all commissions. Deadline is determined individually and depends on a project itself as on my agenda.

In case of further questions, please contact me.

That is all

That is the end of our trip around my studio. If you have any questions regarding our cooperation, please use the contact form in the Contact bookmark. I will be glad to answer.