Who am I?

I’m chemist-by education and computer graphic designer-by passion. It was computer graphic designing which pushed me to quit science researcher carrier and to start my own business. Digital art is my life companion and serves as the best tool for expressing myself. I take every project individually and with creativity because each project is different. Music and observation is my major source of inspiration, and in the world of art the biggest inspiration comes from Zdzislaw Beksinski, Salvador Dalí and Boris Vallejo.

Interested in: japanese culture, nordic mythology, yoga.

I started with classic drawing techniques – pencils, charcoal, pen. I used to develop skills in using pastels, acrylic paint, but after all I chose digital art, which gives totally new possibilities.

Traditional art gave me knowledge about textures, lineart, possibilities and limits of each and everyone of them, and I use this knowledge today in my work, but in different medium.

What I do?

I design digital graphics and do desktop publishing. My portfolio increases constantly with new projects, such as game illustrations, book art, logos for companies and individual clients etc.

Like for every artist, style is his label. I create art in my own style, which is recognizable.

I try to fit into every project I take and in accordance to client’s demands. I’m also opened to new challenges and unusual projects.

What can I do for you?

Each project is different, so the price is calculated individually.

This offer is not limited to aforementioned examples. If you are interested in projects of any kind, contact me.

  • illustrations (for games, books, CDs)
  • posters
  • canvas prints
  • textile prints (i. e. T-shirts)
  • business card design
  • logo
  • banners
  • stickers
  • labels
  • photo wallpapers
  • tattoo design